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Our Office Information

Tuzla Shipyards Region

Nuh Sanayi Sitesi. C Block No: 27


Phone: 0(216) 395 2929

Gsm: 0(532) 262 1300

Fax: 0(216) 446 7332

E-mail: info@yilmaztekne.com


It was founded by Seyfiddin YILMAZ in 1970 in Ayvansaray. With over 35 years of high experience, quality and customer satisfaction, it works best for manufacturing boats in Yılmaz Deniz Boat in marinas and ports.




Our company, which previously served in Çanakkale and Istanbul-Ayvansaray, is now actively manufacturing in an area of 250m² in Tuzla Shipyards Reg...


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